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This Is Not Just About Investigating

I am a paranormal investigator. I am not in it for fame or fortune. I became an investigator because of my many paranormal experiences. All these experiences have given me the drive to find out what’s out there and search for the answers to the unknown.

With investigating come responsibilities. People contact us for multiple reasons but they call us in because they believe they are plagued by the paranormal. We all know that this may not be true but we have to conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Whether it’s a residence, business or historical site we need to be respecting the property and things at these sites.

When I hear about people and places that have been disrespected it leaves me hurt and disappointed. Some groups charge while others don’t but regardless you should be respecting the environment and the properties you investigate whether there is a monetary gain or not. Stealing, defacing any property, or even leaving a place a mess should never be allowed. Take some pride in what you do.

I will take this one step further. If you investigate a place that has been good to you or your group, why not give a little back. Why not go out and volunteer your time to that site. What would it hurt just giving up a couple hours of your time just show thanks for letting you investigate, especially if they didn’t charge you anything to be there.

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