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Equipment? Please

Focus on the task at hand, what's the reason you're there? Is it to help someone or trying to figure out how that new camera/meter/whatever it is, works. If that's the case, save it for a nonresidential case. All those flashing lights or new equipment is great but know the ins and outs of it before you go to a location. This is so you can focus on the issue that has brought you there in the first place. If you’re on location for 4 hours and spend 3 of those hours trying to figure out that new meter/light up gadget, you are missing the reason on why you are really there. That is neither the time nor place to be figuring that out. Realistically, all that should be done prior to your arrival on location. You do no service to someone who believes they are afflicted by the supernatural by not being prepared. I have never been so fed up with the way things seem to be with the paranormal. Can we please get this right?

#paranormaltelevision #paranormalequipment #jacquierussell

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