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Ghost Stalkers, I'm A Little Annoyed

So Ghost Stalkers, what can I say. As a paranormal investigator, I have the utmost respect for anyone that does what investigators do. I also have respect for anyone who can lock themselves in a potentially haunted location overnight all alone; however, the TV show Ghost Stalkers leaves me more frustrated than anything while watching it.

I get the concept behind the show; Nick Groff, Chad Lindberg, and John E.L. Tenney have allegedly had a Near Death Experience (NDE).Ghost Stalkers is trying to prove there are potential portals in the world's most haunted locations that may or may not connect our present reality with alternate realities/dimensions.

I have watched the first 6 episodes of this show. I give credit to people who can fight their fears and conquer them, but watching an investigator, get worked up and screaming every other second distracts me from the show and the reason they are really there. I know it can be nerve-racking to hear that disembodied voice come out of nowhere. I just think if you are on a location, especially on Ghost Stalkers and you are there to prove or disprove something you really need to keep more of a calmer demeanor. When you are screaming and jumping around it only makes for annoying drama.

I just don’t feel that Ghost Stalkers keeps my attention and loses its meaning when I am constantly being distracted by an investigator's behavior. The theory behind the portals is very interesting and I have begun to research it more myself; I just feel that a lot of it is more for the Ghost Stalkers dramatic aspect rather than the purpose of the research.

It's understandable that Ghost Stalkers has to have that dramatic effect of some sort for television. ratings, however when the paranormal community is always under such scrutiny we should be holding ourselves to a higher standard during investigations.

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