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Armchair Paranormal Experts

Have you ever met someone that tells you that they know more than you do? You know who I mean. There are those out there that have never walked in the sometimes brave shoes that we do as investigators.

It never fails when we do public appearances that someone will try to tell us what we're doing wrong because paranormal television does it this way, or that way. These are the people who may read a book or two, join up for some forums on some unknown paranormal website, or like everyone else watch television.

Think I'm kidding? I'm not. I've had clients tell me what kind of evidence they want, kids tell me that they know more about the true paranormal, they know more in general, and that they are an indigo child.. Not that I don't believe in Indigo Children...Wait, I don't.

As much as I complain about the crap that is paranormal television, it is not the only medium to blame. Every opinion in this field is passed on as fact. This could be orbs, demons, possession, ghosts following people home, etc. So someone has read a book by some established group, or investigator and they think that they know everything because that's what that group believes.

This is especially true for the stance I have choosen to take. I have been informed before that my beliefs were controversial. Same goes with podacsts where I have been interviewed and could tell that the host did not agree with me, and made it very obvious he had no interest in hearing my views. When someone disagrees with you even though you may have years of experience, they will go out of their way to either change your mind or blast you and tell you why you're wrong.

Wherever we go there's always criticism. That is to be expected as the paranormal is pseudoscience and subject to very harsh critcism. But it's frusrating (sometimes amusing) to be told by people that they know how things should be done, and that you know bupkis.

If evryone's beliefs were correct, we wouldn't have to investigate anymore. No one knows what's out there, that's why these are opinions. Obvisouly this is why Paranormal Discord was born. So I can spew my controversial propaganda all over the net, and be told how I'm wrong.. Can you sense my eyes rolling?

#paranormaldiscord #paranormaltelevision #royweedmark #Indigochildren

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