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Equipment Review: EM Vortex by Apparitions Technologies Used on Haunting: Australia

This is a review from last year, but with the equipment being used for Haunting: Australia, we decided to dig it out from the archives.

Generated electricity is said to increase paranormal activity. By giving the spirits more energy to feed from, spirits should in theory have more energy to interact with the living.

Enter the EM Vortex. Unlike the standard generators the EM Vortex has three hand wound coils that generates the vortex, instead of just a little pump inside that has to vibrate. Each mode has a variable pulse and rotation rate, which is great if you're trying to do some research into this theory.

While these devices can be great for some cases, be aware the range for such battery powered devices are only a few feet. These are still ideal as powered devices can cause false results, and possibly some medical side effects. Being one of the more powerful portable devices around, you really can't go wrong.

Running in eight AA batteries gives it a longer running time which is essential for those longer cases, and still lightweight enough to carry around if so desired.

The author is not a paid endorser of Apparitions Technologies. Visit their website to purchase this and other paranormal investigation tools.

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