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Internet Trained Paranormal Professionals.. Written By Roy Weedmark

The Internet has succumbed to those who conjure up stories and pass them off as facts. Many different Paranormal teams and Paranormal websites borrow or make their own rules and answers for what things mean.

These rules from whatever they originate, then get passed on to everyone else. People who don't do real research but take the information and run with it ( the obvious misconceptions will not be covered here).

Some teams and websites will charge for "certifications" of their own making. People interested in Parapsychology or even Demonology will often see these certifications online, books are even sold in bookstores around the world on these subjects. People get charged up to $1,500 for some of these courses and believe once they have completed them that they are indeed Demonologists and Parapsychologists.This could not be further from the truth.

Many people may not know that there are established channels in which to become a Demonologist and Parapsychologist, and that is either through the Church or via P.H.D. at only a handful of Universities that offer Parapsychology courses. Reading a book or taking an online course simply makes someone somewhat knowledgeable about each subject. There is no such thing as a "certified" paranormal investigator. These certifications are not acknowledged beyond the site or group that trained you.

People who are interested in Demonology or Parapsychology simply become researchers. That applies to any part of the Paranormal field. Demonology and Parapsychology were used as examples due to the fact that they seem to be the most likely courses to be found online. The same can be said of someone who becomes ordained online. This does not make someone capable of performing exorcisms and house blessings, simply that an ordained minister can perform a marriage ceremony.

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