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What To Believe... Written By Roy Weedmark

Roy Weedmark on a private investigation

Do I believe? Well, that's a tricky answer. I have seen things. Heard things. Do I believe that the explanation is as simple as spirits? Ghosts?

As a minor, I have received in my dreams what is called Pre-Cognitive dreaming. Meaning I have perceived events in my dreams that happened within days.

I have been privy to these dreams and other unexplained phenomena. I have seen 'shadow' figures in the middle of the day, heard voices, etc.

Last year I lost my father. He was a Vietnam way hero and ended up succumbing to the injuries he sustained during that time. Since that day, I wear his Vietnam dog tags around my neck along with his fraternity pin. When I am getting ready to go anywhere especially on cases, I make sure to take it with me. For some reason I believe I am taking him with me, sort of like a guardian angel. When I don't have it on a feel naked and exposed. Now I am fully aware that I am not actually dragging his spirit around with me. But I'd like to.

I know many other people who feel the same way I do, bringing their loved ones on investigations and even making them an active part in them. I would love to believe that they are really there, following and protecting the ones they love from beyond the grave.

I do know there are unexplainable things that exist in this world. My logical mind won't let me readily accept ghosts and spirits roaming around. There are too many inconsistencies in the 'known' facts about these unseen entities.

Until I can find what I'm searching for I will continue to delve into the unseen and unknown world of the paranormal.

A lot of people would prefer the world to be like the Harry Potters, or the Supernatural, or even Constantine, it would make it a much more interesting place.

No, I am not a believer but I strive to be, as a normal world is a boring world.

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