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                    BIOs No One Wants To Read


Roy Weedmark- Paranormal Discord Co Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Paranormal Discord Podcast Host, Webmaster


Roy Weedmark has been investigating for over 5 years. He is the writer for exporingtheparanormal, and several other mediums. He has never subscribed to the same philosophies as most investigators, and at times been outted for his beliefs. Together with Micheal Papp he has been annoying fellow investigators and poking fun of the paranormal for the past 2 years. Roy Weedmark is determined to shed light on the reality of paranormal investigating in an educational and the most annoyingly humorous way possible.


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" - Jack, The Shining


Michael Papp- Paranormal Discord Co Founder, Paranormal Discord Podcast Host, Inventor


Michael Papp has been the Technology Manager of Crossing Over Paranormal Society for several years. He holds A biology degree from Rowan University and always had a passion for the exploration of the paranormal. Through the years he has grown tired of the poor methodology and unbridled belief of the paranormal community. Together with his esteemed colleague Roy Weedmark they have defected from the normal regurgitated rhetoric to hopefully bring understanding to the paranormal.


  "Truth comes from ridged scientific methodology not feelings or parlor tricks" - Papp







Jacquie Russell- Paranormal Discord Media Relations, Webmaster, Producer


Jacquie Russell, is from Windsor Ontario Canada. After having many paranormal experiences, she founded Ontario Paranormal Inquest Society (OPIS), in 2012. In 2015 Jacquie decided to leave OPIS and pursue new opportunities. She remains a passionate investigator and has no problem speaking her mind when asked. She believes that all evidence should be recreated and then recreated again to ensure the authenticity of the footage.

Matt Nigbur- Owner, Paranormal Discord Podcast Co-Host, inventor, contributor


Matt has been a paranormal investigator for over 15 years, investigating private residence's, abandon buildings and property, daytime investigations and night time investigations. Matt is still an investigator, but he also builds and sells paranormal equipment. Using the scientific approach when investigating, Matt tries to debunk or disprove any paranormal happenings before labeling them paranormal or unexplained.

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