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Paranormal Discord's view on evidence review

Paranormal  Discord Parody video. How would you act 36 hours into an evidence review?

Hi, I'm Bob-Interview Parody

An Interview about demons with Paranormal Discord -Parody

Paranormal Discord: Ouija Spirit Board

Whats the big deal about the Ouija  Board? Hype? Paranormal Discord can't figure it out

Paranormal Discord's Equipment Epidemic Solution

Year of production: 2015

With an ever growing and confusing array of gadgets available for ghost hunting, what should you use? Not use? What is garbage? Let Paranormal Discord show you.

Intro To Up coming podcast

Year of production: 2015

Quick intro to Paranormal Discord's upcoming podcast. Message the site or to secure a spot on the show.

Valley Haunted House Truly Haunted?

Filmed at Fear Farm with the legendary Crossing Over Paranormal Society for ABC 15.

Spirit Caught in AZ Cemetery?

Filmed in an AZ cemetery. Please debunk me

To Hunt a Monster Parody

Parody Paranormal Discord made for To Hunt a Monster

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Parnormal Discord's Roy Weedmark on Liveparanormals Filler Spotlight

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